These Are The Cubicles Of The Future

You have work to do, so you pop in your earbuds to drown out their voices-but it doesn’t work, because you can still see someone showing off their new juggling skills. The workplace-design experts concocted two futuristic concepts in response, both of which give people private space for focused work and meeting space for collaborative work-in completely radical ways. Rapt’s designers envisioned a concept in which everyone gets a private space to work when they want it. If you have a day of heads-down work, you’d get assigned a private cubicle so you can focus. If you have a day full of meetings, and you don’t need private space, your cube combines with other cubes to create a larger space in which to work with your colleagues. Rapt’s second concept is another ingenious answer to the challenge of workers needing a mix of private and collaborative space at work. The larger point is to underscore the degree to which workers need both private space and social spaces.


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