Challenging Assumptions: Working From Home Is Now \’Homing From Work\’

Increased flexibility on where work is done has led to the rise of working from home. CapitalOne’s 2017 Work Environment Survey found that roughly 65 percent of US workers believe that workplace design is equally or more important than location when considering a new job. The option to work from home reflects the importance of providing workers with more choices. Seventy percent of highly satisfied workers are able to choose a variety of spaces at work. More than 50 percent of work today is group-based, and 39 percent of time is spent on informal group activities. Residential Design is Now Commercial Design elements at home and at work are indistinguishable. With the growing trend of “Homing” from work, the question is no longer, “Why have an office when you can work at home?” A new question is being asked, which challenges assumptions on the role of corporations in public life.


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