Office Agriculture: A New Employee Wellbeing Concept

A start-up is encouraging companies to create an easy way for people at work to grow their own food. As people work longer hours and in more intense ways, many organizations are seeking to support employee wellbeing in the office. Myfood is creating an easy way for people at work to grow their own food. Matthieu Urban: Across the world, citizens are worried about the consequences of industrial agriculture: soil depletion, loss of biodiversity, transportation, excessive pollution, pollinator decline, food waste, GMOs, tasteless food, low nutritional value, food security and more. We need to find new methods to keep food production closer to home. 360: How do you work with companies to get people closer to producing their own food while at work? We believe in clean, local and environmentally friendly agriculture, food accessibility for all, reconnecting with nature and improving wellbeing.


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