Coworking Spaces: A Generational Melting Pot

Within coworking spaces, more generations are working together in one room than in any other space. Millennial culture, the 2008 Financial Crisis and overspill from the hospitality industry have all impacted the development of coworking spaces. The combination of generations within coworking spaces is having a profoundly positive effect on the way we work. Once associated with ‘trendy startups’ and millennial culture, the coworking office is instead becoming a hub for the largest cross section of generations working together than in any other type of space. Although the older generation are old hands in terms of business experience, coworking spaces are unfamiliar territory for those accustomed to a typical corporate scenario. For the newly graduated entrepreneurs however, coworking spaces are familiar extensions of the university campus. Coworking spaces now support a huge network of colleagues and entrepreneurs representing all industries and age groups.


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