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Looking out across its royal surroundings, the building does nothing to belie its status as the first office space of London. In the centuries which followed, the layout of the office was subject to many different iterations. Not without its critics, the modest office cubicle has been the subject of reproach for restricting the space available to employees, eliminating their exposure to natural light, and generally depriving them of a comfortable place in which to work. Allowing employees to interact more freely, the defining advantage of an open-plan office is that it allows entire teams to keep on top of tasks whilst enjoying an environment that has been proven to improve their mood. Office furniture manufacturers Orangebox have no doubt anticipated the need for such a merging with their selection of office pods and cove screens. These products can be purchased through various online distributors, such as Office Furniture Scene who stock a wide range of the Orangebox collection. Affording flexibility, these products can be easily integrated into a workplace to help achieve a layout that offers all the best elements from offices gone by.


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