Occupant Experience: Competitive Edge For Commercial Properties

Building owners and facility managers know better than anyone that a property’s most important asset is people, and buildings that work smarter for their tenants and provide an ideal occupant experience offer bottom-line benefits, such as lower vacancy rates, higher energy efficiency and increased lease demand. Building automation systems of today are no longer cost-prohibitive to install as a retrofit and can elevate your property’s occupant experience beyond what you may think possible. High concentrations of chemicals, presence of asbestos or radon, old carpet, dirty air ducts or a poorly designed or inefficient HVAC system are common causes of what the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency dubbed “Sick building syndrome” – when occupants experience acute health and comfort effects linked to time spent in a building. Advancements in smart building technology can help eliminate the causes and mitigate the effects of SBS to improve occupant experience. Improving the IAQ of your building can increase occupant productivity and enhance cognitive functioning – a strong selling point for prospective buyers or renters. In the coming years, commercial properties will become the smartest, most connected buildings in the IoT ecosystem. That’s why he created 75F, an intelligent building solution that utilizes the Internet of Things and the latest in cloud computing to create systems to predict, monitor and manage the needs of commercial buildings – making buildings work for owners and occupants.


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