How To Start A Mindful Community At Work

The best workplace mindfulness programs at places like Google, LinkedIn, and BlackRock were started by employees with mindfulness practices, not carted in from HR. In other words, don’t wait for your company to bring mindfulness to you – bring mindfulness to your company by starting a mindful community. A workplace mindfulness community can take many forms: a meditation group, a mindfulness book club, best practice sharing, or even a mindful eating lunch group. You might want to start a community to help people manage stress, or you might want to help build a culture of awareness by teaching people to find comfort in stillness, or you may want to connect with others who already practice mindfulness and share ideas. If your goal is to create community to discuss applying mindfulness tools at work, any person with a practice can host a discussion and pick a different topic each week. Be consistent in how and where you promote the community. Meet at the same time and place and offer a consistent format – it will help people plan as well as build trust that the community will be a reliable resource. Building a mindfulness community will take time, as in many months.


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