3 Behavioral Science Principles That Can Move The Needle Forward In The Workplace – Adweek

Behavioral science is one of the most powerful disciplines for learning about human emotion and decision-making. While we know how to leverage behavioral science principles in marketing and advertising to connect with consumers, we rarely think about how these psychological principles can be applied to ourselves inside the workplace to help us work more effectively together and propel our own careers. Here are a few behavioral science principles that can help improve your influence in the workplace. “We’re all about the work.” This is a line that many people and agencies use, with the implicit assumption that “The work” only relates to the strategic, creative and technical content, or the output. The rational, often factory-like approach can ignore the emotional, behavioral science aspects of collaboration, which are key to making the end product outstanding. These are just a few examples of how we can tap into behavioral science principles in the workplace. While we’re always trying to leverage insights about human emotion and decision-making patterns within our work and amongst our consumers, we don’t always leverage these same principles in the workplace.


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