Buildings Can Become A Major Driving Force For Productivity Of Businesses

Employees in the future workplace can be equated to machines in a factory. This is underpinned by the realization that people work best when they feel good. “To get the best productivity from an employee, you need a happy employee,” says Toni Espera, vice president of people operations at Verifi, Inc. “Employee wellbeing benefits the employer in multifold ways, like higher-energy individuals and increased productivity. It starts on day one. In fact, when we are recruiting, we give prospective employees a tour of our space so that they can see how we provide for their whole being, not just their mind.” The cafĂ© areas are designed for dining and social gatherings but also meetings or project work sessions where people can spread out materials. “Optimizing the human experience at work is critical for organizations to engage people. Spaces must satisfy their physical, cognitive, and emotional needs. The intersection of this triad is where people thrive. It’s what we call”wholeness. ” It balances energy and serenity to inspire and empower people, giving them a sense of purpose and belonging. Work environments offering a variety of spaces to support the activities people do throughout the day help them perform their best,” Haworth explain in a case study about their innovative workspace showroom.


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