What Kind Of Workplace Will Attract Gen Z? Just Ask The Colleges

Employers have just started to wrap their heads around Millennials-now enter the next set of employees: Gen Z! How will the up-and-coming “iGeneration” affect the future of work? For a preview of how those born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s will want to experience the workplace, just look to what higher education is doing. As Gen Z starts their final years of education, colleges and universities are striving to deliver campus experiences that inspire and support their unique learning styles because, as you may suspect, Generation Z will be one for the workplace history books. What’s happening on the campus level that can help workplace designers get ahead of the curve on this next generation of workplace talent? Many of today’s college campuses are modern, dynamic places that no one would ever want to trade for a conventional workplace. Connected, digital experiences are becoming the lifeblood of the modern college campus-and the same must become true for the workplace if it’s going to appease this tech-thirsty generation. Unlike the conventional workplace, most colleges are designed to support the broader student experience in a 24-hour day. When Gen Z graduates from school to work, they will bring with them these fond collegiate memories of good health and wellness-and if one workplace can’t deliver it, many will move along until they find another that does.


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