Apac Intelligence Roundtable: The Rise Of Agile Workplaces

Activity-based working, flexible shared spaces and evolving workforce demands are significantly transforming our work environment. Flexible work schedules and agile workplaces have evolved from niche concept to workplace norm. Across the region, employees now have more control over how, where and when they work. Our roundtable participants highlighted the challenges of this evolving workplace, debating whether it was still possible to ensure a high level of productivity if employees work remotely. To help minimise possible initial resistance to agile workplaces, they suggested focusing on skeptical parties, as well as easing employees into the concept by not being overly prescriptive about clearing desks or moving seats daily. While some acknowledged that agile workspaces might be more conducive to higher capacities, one participant commented that it would also allow for up to 40% more communal space. As work spaces become denser, straining elevator capacities, fire safety regulations, and mechanical and electrical systems, are all buildings able to accommodate and manage the new load?


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