3 Concerns About Data Analytics

Workplace Analytics PART. Are data analytics too costly? Not valuable enough? Do they create a Big Brother atmosphere? Here are three concerns FMs may have to overcome about workplace analytics. Data analytics are value drivers for efficient and cost-effective use of workspace and personnel on a daily basis. Here again, the data shows analytics are value drivers capable of significantly reducing operating costs and increasing ROI. To prove the point, corporate real estate and facility management professionals need only access their search engines for numerous case studies of successful corporate and commercial use of workplace analytics. Nothing can be more damaging to morale and retention rates than a perception that the company uses analytics to spy on personnel. A clearly-defined system of data governance along with collaborative discussions with employees may help ease those concerns. Data analytics are a vital tool for assessing the value and best use of office space. Workplace analytics are the foundation for corporate real estate and facility management credibility with findings and analysis to help executive management make informed decisions on every aspect of office space.


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