The Top Six Priorities Of The Modern Workspace

The modern workplace can be confusing – busy, varied and increasingly stressful. We regularly see workplace trends come and go; we see ideas touted as fact, and many workplaces struggle to keep up, aiming to increase productivity and employee happiness in any way they can. The most important priority for any modern workplace – flexible working styles and agile working areas have been shown to have a positive impact on both employees and the standard of output. The Modern Workplace Report found that many organisations are reporting an increase in the number of video meetings they hold 12 per cent. It’s an undisputed fact that millennials are driving much of the changes to the modern workplace, particularly workspace design. The Modern Workplace Report identified that business leaders feel a pressure to keep up with the millennial ideal – cool, stylish and sexy workspaces that offer an experience, rather than just a nine to five grind. Despite this, wellness was also found to be a lower priority in the Modern Workplace Report, at just 3.76 out of 5, globally.


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