Designing The Workplace For Every Generation Workplace Design For All Generations

Design shouldn’t only be a tactic for recruiting the next generation of talent. Generation Z is newly entering the workforce, and according to a survey by Thrive Global, Gen-Z is already stressed out about their health and well-being. While they may be more likely to shop at farmers markets and buy organic, it doesn’t mean they’re the only generations to desire a safe and healthy workplace. If you ask an employee from any generation if they’d prefer to work in an environment with health promoting benefits, the answer is most likely yes. To design a workplace that’s multi-generational, it needs to have a mix of private, dedicated workspaces, collaboration spaces, café-style temporary workspaces and lots of meeting rooms. Ergotron’s Workplace Movement Assessment found that the benefits of sit-stand desks in the workplace extended across generations, unlike some office programs and interventions. Design is not only a tactic for recruiting the next generation of talent.


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