Millennials Are So Last Year: Commercial Real Estate Developers Build With Gen Z In Mind

Welcome to Generation Z’s influence on commercial real estate. Take a look at how the core five commercial real estate sectors are already incorporating the demands of Generation Z:. Multifamily. Environmental considerations will also be hugely important to Generation Z. Before, someone might have simply been looking for a three-bedroom place with two bathrooms, but Gen Z renters will take interest in granular details like the types of building materials used to develop complexes and how kindly workers on the projects were treated, Merriman said. Gen Z will also usher in a demand for transparency in materials, Merriman said. The difference between millennials and Gen Z will lie in their expectations, Merriman said. A key difference between millennials and Generation Z is that today’s youth have always expected a digital component to any experience. “Where most millennials can at least somewhat remember a time when the Internet wasn’t all-consuming, Generation Z more or less grew up with smartphones in their hands, the world at the tips of their thumbs,” MRI Software industry principal Brian Zrimsek said.


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