Can Companies Design A Happy Workplace?

In a recent global survey, roughly 70 percent of employees said that happiness at work is the best ingredient for a unique work experience, according to new JLL research. “Happiness is defined as ‘a pleasurable or satisfying experience,'” says Marie Puybaraud, Global Head of Research, JLL. “In the future of work, experience really should be a major focus to drive a high level of satisfaction from work. People are craving authenticity in their lives-and their careers.” Globally, nearly nine in 10 people want a Chief Happiness Officer at work. JLL research shows that 50 percent of employees find it important that their workplace features spaces dedicated to collaborative working, while 32 percent want creative spaces. “Modern workers thrive when there’s space both for contemplation and reflection, as well as controlled and spontaneous community dialog,” says Puybaraud. Many companies are already offering a wide mix of spaces, like cafes and lounges, as well as project ‘war rooms,’ together with ample space for more focused, individual work. Some have incubator space where people can develop personal projects while using company infrastructure and support, and a rapidly growing number now provide the technological support needed to work comfortably from home or other remote locations.


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