What Is The Current State Of The Workplace In 2018?

The stakes are high but the idea of considering how employees work best when designing a workspace is a relatively new one. Being in the age of the start-up,small businesses are booming, with people becoming their own bosses and working the way they want to. Smaller businesses often mean smaller real estate footprints, along with potentially less cash flow and the inability to invest as heavily in working environments. “Technology that facilitates mobile or remote working is a top workplace priority.” ~ The Modern Workplace 2018: People, Places & Technology Report. Technology has enabled us to be more flexible in our working style, which no doubt better suits our busy and complicated lives. From remote working to desk booking systems, granting the workforce more pliancy in managing the way they choose to work has seen a significant increase in productivity levels, not to mention a boost in the happiness and satisfaction of employees. In the latest report by Condeco, The Modern Workplace 2018: People, Places & Technology Report, we examine the above even closer, looking at the state of the current workspace, identify trends that are changing our working environments, consider the issues surrounding meeting management and look at the rise of agile working.


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