The New Paradigm Of Consumerisation

Consumerisation has been a big buzz word for the past few years, but as our business landscape rapidly changes, consumerisation moves into a paradigm. Employees are becoming more than just ‘workers’. Your employees are individuals, with individual needs, and should be encouraged to work in a manner that best suits them. While many workplaces have already picked up on this approach – just look at the popularity of flexible working and coworking spaces for proof – bringing consumerisation to the fold can boost results even more. Some businesses have already found success with ‘bring your own device’ style schemes – after all, why should we be using a separate computer or smart phone for work, when we have our preferred option at home? Wouldn’t most of us prefer to get to work on our much-loved laptop than our clunky office computer? Making way for employees to choose their own technology can likely only yield good results. Beyond technology in the workplace, applying the concept of consumerisation to the actual working space can also have a positive impact. Depending upon the nature of business, more adaptive and fluid workspaces may be necessary to improve working conditions for many employees.


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