The Evolution Of Job Management In The Facilities Management Sector: From Piles Of Paper To Market Networks

Richard Harris, CEO of Okappy argues that there are three compelling reasons why the Facilities industries should explore new and emerging digital possibilities for job management: “Traditional job management systems are costly for users; the systems are often very time consuming which means disputes can take a long time to resolve; information provided by paper job sheets can be unintelligible and out of step with modern internet society.” Market Networks for job management are attempting to kick-start a more fundamental transformation of the way job management is delivered. Businesses using Market Networks for job management can receive jobs from customers on an online platform as well as add jobs for their employees and subcontractors. One feature of particular advantage to those in the trade industries is the ability for workers to upload photos and videos onto these job management systems using their respective smartphone apps. Market Networks for job management increase visibility whilst streamlining communication both internally and with external stakeholders. All Seasons Climate Control Ltd now uses a job management market network system called Okappy to manage their operatives. “All Season’s transformation of the data aspect of the job management system has resulted in a service that is faster, more transparent, and more cost efficient,” says Colin Owen, director of the company.


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