6 Companies With Amazing Office Layouts To Inspire Your Office Redesign

Rather than sit and speculate about how to make your office better, why not look to some great examples of companies that have already mastered it? Finally, most of these office designs aim to make life more comfortable and convenient for these businesses’ employees. The original Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., provides hundreds of bikes and scooters for quick office transportation, and activity centers with features like a climbing wall, a bowling alley and even a court for beach volleyball. The office overlooks the natural scenery of the Cambridge Reservoir, and even has an outdoor patio, where employees can take lunch or work.3. Attempting to foster creativity and establish the unique vision of the brand, Nokia’s office has an avant-garde style, with colorful, contemporary furniture and full-on nap stations for employees wanting to take a break. Throughout the day, you can find employees hanging around the ping-pong table or riding around the office on scooters. The office is notable for its wide open spaces, which make collaboration easy, and exposed brick walls for extra character.


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