How Workforce Incentives Can Help Win The War For Talent – Blueprint, Presented By Cbre

When a technology company sought CBRE’s assistance building talent, the team met with all the economic development players to discuss how they could tap the myriad of university infrastructures and educational institutions right in their backyard to find the right talent. “We help get companies to the table with the city, the county, the state, the universities, the trade school, the tech school – whatever that portion of the talent spectrum is that they’re trying to tap,” says Stavriotis. “We get our clients to the table with these entities to help build customized workforce development initiatives that can help them execute and hire the right people and be successful.” “Companies are partnering better with those educational institutions to not just help train talent for a specific job over a six-week period, but to build a pipeline of talent to make sure the workforce is ready and available not only this year, but next year, and for years to come,” says Stavriotis. A company may say, “In 2019 we need to hire five hundred people. What can the city, county, and state and the university do with me today to help make sure that we can hire those five hundred people tomorrow?” And they’re coming up with a variety of programs like apprenticeships, internships and co-ops to support that. FastStart stands out from the pack due to its ability to quickly jump in and assist with just about any training requirement – and help a company find and train their workforce on the spot – whether it’s CNC machinists or call center agents. “Whether it’s 50 or 500 or 5,000 employees – they need help and partners. They need to roll up their sleeves and leverage every potential asset in a city, a county, or a state. And we’re helping them do that.”


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