A New Breed Of Project Manager Emerges

Today’s workplace often contains five generations working together, including Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z-all of whom have different mindsets and skillsets. In this regard, the modern CPM transcends the traditional role of project manager and is actually a process director who understands not only design and construction, but also the organization’s culture and branding. As part of today’s holistic approach to project management, the ideal CPM is someone who has worked with brokers and real estate providers to provide integrated services. CPMs should be involved from the get-go in tenant improvement discussions, lease negotiations, and work letters. It may seem daunting to find this new breed of CPM, and chances are that such an individual is not on your staff. CPMs can help in this regard by identifying the value proposition and mapping out routes to the best ROI. It may be useful to think of the workplace as a tool that facilitates a process, which is often product development and delivery. Today, more than ever, it’s all about workplace solutions because the workplace truly matters!


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