Why Real Estate And Hr Are Better Together

Deep understanding of HR needs can help workplace strategists ensure they make the “Right” decisions for their people. Like others in tech, its leaders recognized early on how the workplace could more than just a set of bricks and mortar-it could be an active agent in the HR wheelhouse, too. As more high-profile workplaces like this continue to crop up and inspire others, we can expect other organizations also to recognize the power of integrating HR and CRE priorities. Forward-thinking organizations are leveraging real estate and HR strategies to market the value of their business through both the physical space and the people who inhabit it. These types of benefits are best achieved when real estate and human resource teams work seamlessly together to achieve shared goals. On the other side of the hall, an HR team tasked with boosting staff engagement could have difficulty with the practicalities in a workplace that doesn’t account for HR values. Some organizations are already actively looking more holistically at the intersection of HR and CRE. The Google executive responsible for the London project, for example, comes from the real estate and construction side of the business.


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