3 Factors That Actually Matter In A Company Culture

Some businesses concentrate all of their energy on creating a “Fun” and “Cool” culture and neglect the parts of the culture that make a legitimate difference on the employee experience. Here are three things current and future employees genuinely want in a company culture. According to Gallup research, 50 percent of employees don’t actually know what’s expected of them. While your employees undoubtedly expect a certain level of autonomy, you shouldn’t throw employees in the deep end on their first day and anticipate success. If the company doesn’t eschew ambiguity, employees are simply being set up to fail. Your company wouldn’t have hired someone if it didn’t feel they could handle the role, right? That means if the employee seems to always be behind, it isn’t necessarily a sign they weren’t right for the job. As you work on developing a company culture focused on the elements that will have the most impact, don’t ignore the importance of the one tangible aspect of the employee experience: the workplace.


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