Fmj July/August 2018 Page 34

BY ANDREW MAWSON A new kind of FM In recent years, the many cogs and factions that make up the facility management industry have begun to coalesce around the term “Workplace.” This is evident in the sheer number of FM events that have adopted the label including IFMA’s own annual conference, World Workplace. The very best workplaces in the world, some of which were on show at Workplace Week in New York last month, have changed our expectations around the look, function and purpose of office space. These workplaces are designed much like eco-systems – every inch designed with the comfort, wellbeing and productivity of the people who occupy them in mind. A genuine shift from FM to workplace management demands more than just a change of label; it requires the complete reimagining of users’ relationship to the workplace. Historically, FM has been limited to a cost-driven management of buildings and the opera-tion of services, but this new function is responsible for the curation and management of the workplace experience. Workplace management is about designing and delivering multi-fac-eted, minute-by-minute, multi-sensory experiences that create an emotional response. It is about designing workplace experiences in much the same way WORKPLACE a retailer would, considering every second to deliver a specific “Mission.” It EXPERIENCE INSPIRES A NEW ROLE encompasses thinking about journeys and destinations, the fusion of space, AMONG FMS: CHIEF information, services and how these reflect organizational personality, sup-WORKPLACE OFFICERS port human effectiveness and are attractive to your target employee.

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