Generation Z In The Workplace

I had images of a workplace with no life or energy, colleagues not communicating and everybody clock watching. Within the first few days, my entire perception of a workplace had completely changed. Now, part of the Inside Sales team, I get to interact with more of my colleagues on different levels. The workplace is a total contrast to my preconceptions, all my colleagues are engaging, collaborative and work together as a united team. There are plenty of incentives within the office set up aimed at boosting employee morale, giving the team a feeling of appreciation! I would love to be involved with more employee events, as it’s a chance to meet more of the team I haven’t yet engaged with. Within the workplace, technology is playing an important part; where we will see an office full of holograms, and colleagues from all over the globe being able to work and collaborate in one room, working fluently in a virtual office workplace. My experience in the workplace has taught me many skills, but my biggest take away would be developing my people skills.


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