What Millennials Really Want In The Workplace

As research has shown, many of the preconceived notions about millennials and what they want in the workplace is misinformed and their desires are a lot more like previous generations than some may think. LOYALTY ISN’T A THING OF THE PAST. CBRE’s report, Millennials: Myths and Realities, which surveyed 7,000 CBRE staff members and 13,000 millennials from 12 countries, found that while much has been made of millennials’ supposed tendency to switch employers regularly, the majority-62 percent-would ideally prefer to change jobs as infrequently as possible. Slightly more than half of the millennials surveyed agree with the statement, “Work and leisure should be entirely separate,” while less than a quarter disagree. While technology has numerous workplace benefits, many millennials feel like it can be intrusive when it comes to their personal lives. This aspiration for a personal office is likely because millennials want what they know to be favorable and can’t envision a different way of working that can give them the same privacy. Some 75 percent of millennials surveyed work in large towns or cities, while less than 10 percent work in business parks or rural settings. A RISING GENERATION. Cracking the code on how to best motivate millennials in the workplace isn’t exactly rocket science, but it’s not necessarily a piece of cake either.


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