The Front Door Of An Organization: The Personification Of A Good Story – Diameter

FIRST IMPRESSIONS DEPEND ON ENERGY, ENGAGEMENT, AND EXPERIENCE. An inspiring workplace is the personification of a good story, a compilation of brand, culture, and mission brought to life within a space where first impression counts. The front door is the ideal place to promote company culture and create brand connections for both guests and employees. Simplified, the components of a good front door create a synergy of engagement, energy, and experience. Extending well beyond traditional boundaries, the Whirlpool reception area merges with adjacent areas and features. New amenities added to the front door area do just that, including a self-serve convenience shop and a staffed coffee bar that serves fresh cookies in the afternoon-aroma attracts. Although Whirlpool is a robust example of a vibrant front door design, there are many in the IA portfolio, each tuned to client culture, story, and mission. Like Bullhorn, in Boston, begin the experience even before the front door is reached, but all ensure the energy, engagement, and experience required to inspire and welcome anyone who enters.


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