Vr In The Workplace: 3 Changes To Expect

Already we’ve seen VR progress from a fun adaptation of an old idea aimed at gamers to a multi-functional technology with implications across – essentially – our entire way of life. At the same time, it’s probably appropriate to get used to the idea of VR easing its way into your life, and this will be happening in the workplace as well as in your personal space and time. There may in fact be dozens of things that change about the workplace of the near future as VR is implemented to streamline practices and improve atmospheres. For gamers, it’s what it might be like to shoot an alien in virtual space; for artists, how to paint on a canvas that doesn’t exist; for film lovers, how to approach an iconic character in a simulation. In virtual reality, group participation across distances would be every bit as effective as the leap from 3D gaming to virtual gaming. It’s an impressive idea and a very fun way to use AR – though again, here we’re talking mostly about turning something 2D into something 3D. The next step is the arrangement of whole rooms in virtual space, and/or the ability to browse fake virtual spaces. Another piece about how VR will change the workplace noted the creation of safe testing and training environments as one of the perks.


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