We Tell You Why Workplace Wellness Cannot Be Ignored

Now, at a time when there are increased office-spaces sprouting up even outside of Indian metros, the demand for an acceptable office culture and workplace wellness also cannot be ignored. What is acceptable office culture, and workplace wellness? What matters is to firstly not categorize your team into links whilst ensuring that there is a wholesome homely environment at the workplace. Parker recently participated in the second edition of the HyWe Workplace Movement in Bengaluru where she stressed the need for corporates to align aspirations of the team with business goals. “66% of workforce will be millennials by 2020. They need a workplace that is home away from home,” stresses Bina Mirchandani who is a Happiness Mentor. Begin positivity at the workplace, from the workplace itself. Essentially, if you are amongst those business leaders looking at caring for the team which gets you the business, then ensure that you begin by designing and customizing the workplace to infuse positivity within employees automatically, rather than just customizing office to merely attract clients.


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