Five Ways To Prevent Heat Stress And Heat Stroke In The Workplace

It certainly saves a lot of hassle to be prepared when it comes to the welfare of your staff, so Salford ONECPD have put together these five methods that should help you to take the heat away and keep your cool in a heatwave. You can learn more about alternative methods for improving employee welfare so that you can reduce staff attrition at the Salford ONECPD Workplace Health and Wellbeing conference – Check it out here! Keeping staff members cool and hydrated will mean that they can continue their work with a clearer head, so productivity will not be as affected. A little ice cream goes a long wayBuying everyone ice cream might seem a little excessive, but there is method to the madness. During a study by the Institute of Psychiatry in London, a control group was given vanilla ice cream whilst having their brain activity monitored. Now you have everything that you need to keep your staff happy and healthy for next few days but what about when your workplace environment experiences other seasonal transformations? You can learn how to adapt to the different times of year, keep up to date with employee retention tactics and explore health wellbeing trends at the Workplace Health and Wellbeing Conference in Manchester on Tuesday 4th December 2018!


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