Workplace Strategy Trends: What\’S In, What\’S Out?

Before we get into discussing which workplace strategy trends you should implement and which you should leave in the dust, let’s talk about why a workplace strategy matters in the first place. A workplace strategy is essential for both business performance and employee satisfaction. In practice, an open office can hinder deep work and make employees feel as if they’re under constant supervision, which can hurt productivity and the employee experience. The idea is that the workplace isn’t a single, physical entity, but instead a network of employees connected by information and communications technologies. Hot-desking is one of the more popular workplace strategy trends because it not only supports flexibility for employees, but it also helps companies save budget by more efficiently utilizing space. Unlike hot-desking where an employee chooses a workstation when they arrive, in an office hoteling environment, employees reserve a desk before they come in. Get input from the people most affected by the strategy – the employees.


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