Sit-Stand And Standing Desks \’Do Not Reduce Sitting Significantly\’

The consultant reports that it has “Found no significant difference between the effects of standing desks and sit-stand desks on reducing sitting at work”. The use of sit-stand desks seems to reduce workplace sitting on average by 84 to 116 minutes a day. Sit-stand desks also seem to reduce total sitting time and the duration of workplace sitting bouts that last 30 minutes or longer. One study compared standing desks with sit-stand desks but owing to the small number of employees included, it does not provide enough evidence to determine which type of desk is more effective at reducing sitting time. Total sitting time also decreased with sit-stand desks compared with sit-desks, as did the duration of sitting bouts lasting 30 minutes or more. The report states: “Treadmill desks combined with counselling seem to reduce sitting time at work, while the available evidence is insufficient to conclude whether cycling desks combined with the provision of information reduce sitting at work more than the provision of information alone.” At present there is low-quality evidence that sit-stand desks may reduce sitting at work in the first year of their use, concedes the report.


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