Here\’S What\’S Most Likely To Make An Employee Want To Stay

A Suite & Co survey showed that salaries didn’t always determine whether an employee chose to stay on at a company. Employees prefer to receive praise for their work, to be close to their workplace and to be in pleasant surroundings. According to a survey carried out by consulting firm Suite & Co, employees’ expectations of their workplace and the demands placed on an employee by his or her role have changed vastly from ten years ago. Employees would rather forego pricey perks than comfort. While one might think the lure of a sleek company car or an expensed business trip to a luxury hotel would entice employees to stay on with a company, these extravagant perks have very little bearing on that choice; it’s security and comfort more than anything that employees are after within a job. Another important thing to bear in mind is that employees like being within a short distance of their workplace, but it’s not just the proximity to the place of residence upon which employees place importance – even the interior and exterior architecture must be visually appealing, with 76% of those surveyed saying they valued their surroundings. The most important thing for employees is actually just general cohesion within the company, and having a good relationship with one’s employer.


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