Workplace Flexibility Can Impact How You Attract, Hire, And Retain Talent

In the work environment, flexibility means affording employees the opportunity to make their own choices as to when, where, and how they engage in work related projects and tasks. In order to hire and maintain the right talent, you will have to create and customize a comfortable work environment. The reality that’s a bit hard to swallow for some managers is that it doesn’t really matter when, where, and how the work is done. PART-TIME EMPLOYMENT. Working somewhere between 10-30 hours a week creates flexibility. Certain employees highly appreciate the flexibility that comes along with freelancing and find themselves more productive in that type of work arrangement. MORE ATTRACTIVE EMPLOYER BRAND Being flexible in working hours and environment can attract a wider pool of candidates towards you and can also help you retain your talented employees. All organizations nowadays should take into consideration flexibility when cultivating their culture and work environment.


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