How Wood Can Increase Productivity In The Workplace

Report has proven that weaving wood into your office design and workplace can be a major driver of wellbeing, job satisfaction and productivity. The report showed that workers who were employed in places with more wood had higher levels of satisfaction, more positive associations with their workplace, higher levels of wellbeing, higher levels of concentration as well as improved moods and personal productivity. Greater productivity from incorporating wood into the workplace. The report demonstrated that the notion of wood improving the productivity of workers was not idealistic, but built on fact. With only 59 per cent of workers presently happy with their surroundings, employers can help eliminate the ‘sickie’ by adding more wood into the office environment. There are many ways to incorporate wood into the workplace without making dramatic structural changes. Two, that what applies in the workplace arguably translates to the home, whether it’s where a homeworker works or homework is done – adding wood will make it a more pleasant, productive environment.


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