Is It The Employer\’S Responsibility To Encourage Wellness In The Workplace?

She also believes that workplace wellness is something that every employer should strive for and there are lots of little ways to start moving the needle in the right direction. “From personal experience, I know that cultivating employee wellness leads to amazing vibes, a healthier, happier collective, and greater retention​,” says Ash. According to Ash, Black Girl In Om is all about “Unapologetically claiming wellness for yourself,” and she fully encourages her employees to do the same. Each thing spoke so strongly to a different woman and it was so great to be able to explore different forms of self-care and wellness with each other. Finally, Ash maintains that it is important to understand wellness on a holistic level. In the case of a larger company, Ash recommends aiming to offer holistic wellness options. While classroom-based wellness programs are a regular part of her wellness routine, some of her favorite self-care moments are found by simply stepping into the sunshine.


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