9 Employee Perks To Make Your Workplace A Perkplace

You can’t always compete on salary when it comes to attracting top talent, but you can always offer better employee perks. Happier employees are more productive employees. By law, all UK businesses now have to offer staff a pension scheme and pay into this on a monthly basis but not all employee benefits have to be available regularly – they could be daily or weekly perks, or even annual big budget bonanzas. When deciding what employee benefits to give, consider what the staff at your company would find most valuable and what perks fit with your office culture. If your employee base is made up of 20-something media types, they’re unlikely to be receptive to the same workplace perks as a workforce of parents in their 30s and 40s. Tailor your perks. Be aware though that there are risks to an employee share scheme. While many of the employee benefits listed above will come with costs to your business, there are a number of free employee perks you can look to offer too.


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