Artificial Intelligence:Transforming The Workplace And World

AI has grown in such prevalence that the first religion of AI, called “Way of the Future,” was recently announced by Anthony Levandowski to establish “The realization, acceptance, and worship of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence developed through computer hardware and software.” Ramon Chen, Chief Product Officer at Reltio; Vikram Madan, Senior Product Manager at Amazon Web Services; Jonathan Weber, Reuters News Tech Editor; and I participated in a discussion on the transformative impact AI and machine learning are having on professional workflows across nearly every industry. In this new world order, AI becomes a conduit to improved efficiency. As data becomes more commoditized, AI will allow companies to find new means of creating operational efficiency and new products for customers. Armineh showcased Reuters News Tracer, a breaking news detection and verification tool used by journalists to uncover newsworthy events as they are announced on Twitter. Sage Wohns, CEO at Agolo, presented a new technology for ingesting unstructured documents across a variety of data sources and creating concise summaries and metadata for simpler digestion and utilization. Billionaire investor Mark Cuban said at a recent Reuters Newsmaker event, “Whoever wins at artificial intelligence owns the world…. If we’re going to invest in ‘infrastructure,’ the new infrastructure is robotics and artificial intelligence.”


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