Key Themes At The Workplace Champions Summit: Employee Experience To Facilitating Change

“If you put your people first, they will put your company first.” Wise thoughts brought to our podcast discussion by Jill Christensen, just weeks following her keynote address at our third annual iOFFICE user conference, the Workplace Champions Summit. We’ve gathered up some of the highlights from both our event and Jill’s recent interview, on why the employee experience should be your first priority even ahead of your customers, and how to cultivate an environment where everyone feels heard. We heard about why employee engagement should be at the forefront of every workplace strategy no matter how large or small a company. Jill Christensen has trotted around the globe helping to bridge the gap between senior leaders and employees, and transforming workplace cultures. Her best-selling novel tackles these issues head on, and we were thrilled to have her speak at both the Workplace Champions Summit and on our podcast. A common theme in Jill’s message, and a misconception she sees often in companies, is that employee engagement doesn’t need to be difficult. The world of work is no longer just about customer satisfaction, it’s about employee satisfaction which supports everything else in an organization.


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