Office Tracking Devices: Enhanced User Experience Or Big Brother Watching?

Using technology to monitor employees’ movements throughout the day is a popular way for employers to gain that understanding, though not everyone loves the idea of being watched at the office. Using sensor testing in one of its offices, Siemens was able to see exactly how employees utilize their flex office space. The Siemens office in Iselin, N.J., uses the NewWow model, which focuses on enhancing the user experience. Managers would always offer explanations for the empty seats, according to Kruklinski, attributing the lack of employee presence in the office to slow days, rainy days or vacation days. Siemens isn’t the first to hear Big Brother references and receive pushback regarding office tracking technology. The app only works using office WiFi, providing that information only to someone already at the office. “The office of the future really should be for the people, and not as a centralized management tool. The entire focus is really on the user experience,” Houghton said.


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