Corporate Learning Programs Need To Consider Context, Not Just Skills

Despite the amount they invest in corporate learning, organizations continue to struggle to connect these programs with the day-to-day work of strategy execution. Organizations need to retool learning, changing it from an obsession on individually focused and content-driven events to learning that is deeply contextual, social, and embedded into real work. We need learning departments brave enough to move toward social learning through the routines of these tribes and away from the hegemony of abstract competencies and capabilities. Organizational learning needs to identify the most powerful functions within their organization and build learning into the functional practices at the points where it will yield real impact. Instead of owning programs and abstracted learning initiatives that most people in the organization treat as recess from work, the most effective learning organizations collaborate with these powerful functions to integrate organizational learning into their processes and practices. Most people in organizations need to be woken up and provoked to share fresh stories and ideas in the context of their real work. Organizations need to shift from focusing on the traditional content-driven approach of corporate learning to focusing on the context of learning in organizations.


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