Operational Excellence: Hidden Threats To Facility Operations

That’s just one potential gap in a facility team’s operational excellence strategy. Reducing the amount of time it takes to find building information brings facilities managers closer to executing on their operational excellence strategies. Facilitating Succession PlanningWhile the ability to access information quickly and easily will affect a facility team’s day-to-day operations, there are also more complex challenges to solve. Given the advancing age of the facility management workforce, succession plans must be locked in for facilities teams to continue operating effectively. In this scenario, the “Flow of value” to the facility team’s customer will break down causing a gap in the team’s execution of its operational excellence strategy. With easier access to building information, new facility employees won’t be so heavily reliant on an existing facility manager to fill in the blanks. Pursuit of Operational ExcellenceThere’s a domino effect in reducing time spent searching for information and how it impacts facility management operations.


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