10 Attractive Cities That Prove You Can Move Overseas And Live Comfortably

“Instead, we have our guys on the ground take a representative sampling of properties we know expats would find attractive, in the towns and cities we’re recommending, and we compare those across countries,” Executive Editor Jennifer Stevens wrote in an email. Granada, Nicaragua Granada is an elegant colonial city on Lake Cocibolca – the largest lake in Central America – and its picturesque setting is anchored by the famous and much photographed yellow church in the city center. Malaga, Spain Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world, dating back 2,800 years. Over the past decade or so, Malaga has been transformed into a clean, bright city with a pedestrian-only city center and a revamped harbor. Thirty years ago, Time magazine called Medellin “The most dangerous city on Earth.” The city gained a poor reputation for being a drug-cartel stronghold in the 1980s and ’90s. But in 2012, the Urban Land Institute declared Medellin “The most innovative city in the world.” Crime has plummeted, and Medellin is prosperous and much safer. In the Crime Index 2018 Mid-Year report, 26 U.S. cities are considered more dangerous than Medellin. Riviera Maya offers something for everyone, whether you want a seaside village, resort-style living or a sophisticated city atmosphere.


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