Smart Buildings: Unlocking The Value In People Analytics Data

So why would we not take best practices from Website Optimization -a field that has matured over the past 13 years- and apply these to our young field of People Analytics for Smart Buildings? Smart Building Optimization. This first post is designed to set the outlines for an initial taxonomy – or dictionary – that allows us to translate the language and methodology from Google Analytics for websites into one for People Analytics for smart buildings: buildings are websites, spaces are webpages, sensors are tracking codes, and so on. Buckle up for a deep-dive into the field of applied data analytics, conversion optimization for your Smart Building, and interviews with Website Optimization guru’s. In this section, I will briefly introduce user analytics for buildings and user analytics for websites. So what does Websites Analytics do? Website Analytics software tracks a website user’s behavior, providing the website owner with highly detailed insights into the user’s behavior during his or her visit. This data collection and processing takes place in exactly the same way as it does in people analytics: the user’s behavior is tracked and collected, the data is transferred into a database and then visualized for the website owner. Over the past 13 years, the field of User Analytics for websites has developed rapidly, and has proven to be successful in translating user information into value.


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