Smart Buildings: Four Principles For Turning Data Into Value

The idea is, that if we can compare Smart Buildings to websites, and if we can track the activity of users in both these domains, then this could very well mean that the methods and value from the field of Website Optimization can be transferred to Smart Buildings. Finally, the first article introduced a basic taxonomy that enables us to translate the methods and best practices from Website Optimization to Smart Buildings. Following in the footsteps of the field of Website Optimization, Smart Building Optimization should also distinguish between two types of conversions: macro conversions and micro conversions. Below, I will provide a basic description of the five-step Website Optimization process, loosely translated into Smart Buildings Optimization language. You may realize that this comprehensiveness is in fact great news: a bigger set of Website Optimization methods will undoubtedly bring with it more opportunity for developing a similarly big number of methods and tools for Smart Building Optimization. As indicated, I will continue to build upon the Smart Buildings Optimization theory by interviewing experts from the Website Optimization field. In the meantime, I invite you to get in touch and to share your perspectives, ideas and opinions about Smart Buildings Optimization.


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