Are Smart Buildings Becoming Smarter?

Smart buildings have been on the business radar for a while now – a natural progression from the world of smart technology, smart buildings have been crucial in the progression of workspace design, with a particular focus on saving money and keeping the environmental impact and energy usage to as low a level as possible. This is where the smart building, as we know it, is growing – and becoming cognitive. A cognitive building is one step further than a smart building. The question is, why do we need cognitive buildings if we have smart buildings? The cognitive building can provide a tailored experience in the way a smart building cannot. While totally cognitive buildings may seem far off in the future – after all, it’s not exactly easy to completely re-fit a workspace to be completely cognitive, from 2018 and beyond, aspects of cognitive buildings are expected to show up regularly in our workspace technology and design. By preparing for the 2018 workplace trend of cognitive and smarter buildings now, we’ll all be better prepared when they roll out as standard.


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